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Mar 24, 2017

Button Clips for sale via our online shop

Our fantastic and very popular Button Clips are now for sale on

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Magrenko manufacture Button Clips / Tube Clips for many applications to fit all sections of tube- Round / Square / Hexagonal etc.

Let us quote for your requirements of our standard Button Clips / Tube Clips or any alternative size or style you require. We offer prompt delivery at competitive prices.

Our Button Clips have many other names which are used to describe them, these include: Button Clips, Snap Button, Push Button Spring, Tent Pole Puch Button Spring Snapclip, Kayak Paddle Push Button, Tent Pole Spring Clip, Spring Locking Pin, Push Button Spring Clips For Hoops, Awning Pole Spring Clip, Connecting Clips – Scaffold, Pole Retaining Snap Buttons, Gazebo Spring Clips, Push Pin, Spring Clip/Push Pin, Pop Up Spring Clip, Tube Clips, Tube Button, Tube Pins, Locking Pins, Pole Clip.

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